Uniformed Security

Uniformed Guards

Our uniformed guard service provides a presence that deters criminal activity before it occurs. It means a constant protection of your assets, staff and guests.

Global Vision Security’s uniform guard service is a customized service which includes around-the-clock security patrol. Personnel are fully trained for security support through a variety of methods:

  • Determent of trespassers, vandalism and theft
  • Professional, rapid response to any emergency, and instant local law enforcement notification
  • Acting as a standby for special coverage needs, such as in water leaks or power outages
  • Patrols conducted by vehicle and foot
  • Patrol on a set or random schedule
  • Safety and fire watch
  • Patrols include checking locks, interior and/or exteriors and parking lots

Our Uniformed Guards can be utilized for:

  • Hotel Security
  • Shopping malls
  • Access control,
  • Airport screening
  • Government facility
  • Office Buildings

Guards are provided armed or unarmed according to client preference.

GVS uniformed guards utilize an instant reporting system that allows them to conduct patrol tours, and report incidents and activities in real time. The system also allows managers and clients to monitor, review and respond instantly from browsers or smartphones.

We understand the crucial importance of safeguarding people, property and assets–hence we only choose the best possible personnel and technology. We require GVS uniformed guards to have at least 5 years experience, and beyond that we also provide our own specialized training. Grooming and uniforms are enforced. They can be provided armed or unarmed according to client requirements.

Vehicle Patrol

As a standalone service, GVS offers uniformed guard vehicle patrol services for firms or individuals that require it. Patrols can be conducted at random or on a schedule.

Vehicle patrol is also used for supervisors monitoring foot patrol personnel.

Loss Prevention

As the name implies, Loss Prevention means protecting your retail business against lost merchandise or cash through theft.

Our security personnel pose as shoppers and make their way through your establishment, carefully watching for shoplifters. Shoplifters are held and turned over to local police if caught.

Another Loss Prevention service offered is that of spotters. Spotters are security personnel employed as cashiers, so that they can monitor other cashiers and ensure there is no theft of cash, or other illegal conduct.

If needed, we also offer uniformed guards for retail facilities.

Estate Security

Our Estate Security service is intended for a private estate. We provide a guard at your gate that will monitor all traffic in and out of the estate such as guests, vendors, gardeners and meter-readers. We receive your mail and deliveries, and bring them to your residence. We patrol the property as needed and monitor it 24X7. We also monitor all aspects of your electronic security system and keep it always operational.

We take care of every security detail—so that you can just comfortably live your life worry-free.

Community Residential Security

Community Residential Security is provided for gated or otherwise associated residential communities—consisting of homes, townhomes or condominiums. Our uniformed guards patrol the entire property to ensure it is always safe and secure. Part of our duty is to also make sure residents are following Homeowners Associate or management rules.

Special Events

For special events, GVS can assist in creating an effective crowd management plan. The company provides detailed advice on how to best reduce risk and safeguard your event. GVS will partner with our clients and interact with their patrons to ensure, that the event smoothly occurs in a safe and comfortable manner for everyone.

If needed, our staff can also liaise with police, fire and medical personnel, as well as venue managers. GVS can also offer an Executive Protection Agent, who would assist in protecting entertainers, political officials, sports teams and VIPs.

Timesharing Services

If several residences within the same area would like extra security for their homes, our Timesharing Services are a great option. For example, if 3 homeowners decide they would like to share a security service, we would deal with them and invoice them individually so that information is kept private, but provide shared patrol services.

Timesharing Services is an extremely flexible no-contract service, delivered for as long as you need. It can also be scheduled for certain times, such as weekends only.

Security Bike Patrol

Perfect for any business community or a downtown area, our Security Bike Patrol service provides armed or unarmed uniformed guards patrolling an area by bicycle. They see to the safety of shoppers, patrons and pedestrians, and also to the security of businesses. Business employees (or anyone) can call them and they’ll show up immediately, and they maintain a close relationship with local law enforcement.