Estate Security

Our Estate Security service is intended for a private estate. We provide a security operative at your estate that will monitor all traffic in and out of the estate, such as guests, vendors, gardeners and meter-readers. We receive your mail and deliveries, and bring them to your residence. We patrol the property as needed and monitor it 24X7. We also monitor all aspects of your electronic security system and keep it always operational.

All systems and procedures are established and quality controlled by highly trained personnel who have extensive experience in extreme security situations.

We take care of every security detail—so that you can just comfortably live your life worry-free.

Services Include:

  • Estate Threat Assessment: we conduct a complete security audit to locate and remedy security-based issues for the client’s home(s).
  • Perimeter Security: we develop appropriate security systems while retaining the aesthetics of the property.
  • Staff Security Training: we assist the client in hiring trustworthy staff and ensuring prevention of leaks of unauthorized information.