Jeffrey Arroyo

Jeffrey Arroyo, CEO

Jeffrey proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, and gained intense combat training and experience. This included 3 combat tours to Iraq and over 120 urban combat missions. He received numerous achievement medals and recognized with combat valor.

Jeffrey’s extensive training included small, medium and heavy weapons handling and training, close-quarters battle, hand-to-hand combat, surveillance, day and night reconnaissance, small boat operations, water survival, crowd control and more.

In making the transition to civilian life, the security profession was a natural choice. But Jeffrey wanted more than to simply provide security to individuals and companies—he had served and learned his craft with a great deal of pride in outstanding accomplishments. He desired to bring that same level of unparalleled and proud service to his security clients. His goal is to restore professional service to the security industry—an industry that in many cases falls short of the requirements needed to provide real security.

Along this line Jeffrey founded Global Vision Security with a clear vision of outstanding service to his clients, as well as outstanding service to his employees, whom he considers teammates. He has seen firsthand that when people are rewarded for great performance, they are happier and provide a consistently higher level of service to clients.