Executive Protection

The goal of our Executive Protection Division at GVS is to provide discrete yet totally effective full protection for corporations, public figures and private individuals. Our personnel utilize state of the art tracking and monitoring—only intervening as necessary, and never interfering with clients’ professional or private affairs.

The personnel utilized for executive protection are of the highest training and qualification in our company, including weapons and fighting arts. Through our rigorous recruiting regimen, only the best are selected. All executive protection personnel are in top physical condition, and are required to maintain that condition throughout their employment at GVS.

  • Residential Protection Details
  • Corporate Protection Details
  • Discrete Bodyguard Service (plain clothes)
  • BDU Bodyguard Service (black military style uniform)

Armed Transportation Services

Armed Transportation is part of the service offered by our Executive Protection Division. Clients enjoy luxury transportation with an armed agent behind the wheel. GVS armed security drivers are specially trained in advanced driving techniques, tactical operations and client safety procedures.