Private Investigations

GVS offers a broad variety of private investigative services, conducted by experienced retired detectives who have held positions in state and federal government agencies. With partners all over the globe, we have the capacity to fully investigate most matters no matter the location.

Our primary private investigation categories are below, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We can most likely accommodate you.

Background Checks

Background checks can be necessary for personnel that will be working in sensitive positions, or where they will be heavily relied upon such as in a personal assistant capacity. Our in-depth process consists of a 6-prong background check: criminal history, DMV records, credit history, Social Security, online networks and personal references.

Asset Recovery/Skip Trace

When people flee a jurisdictional area—either jumping bail, escaping with stolen property or evading legal obligations—police forces cannot always be relied upon to locate and apprehend them, simply due to being overloaded. GVS private investigators conduct a dedicated investigation to return personnel to justice or return assets to their rightful owners. Because of our extensive global network of contacts, we excel in locating people and property.

Computer Monitoring

For a low monthly fee, GVS can monitor business or home computers for unauthorized and suspicious activity.

If you don’t require live personal monitoring, our proprietary software (for PC or Mac) provides unique and reliable protection:

  • ability for user to review all chats and instant messages for both sides
  • read every email sent and received including web-based mail
  • review every website visited
  • review social media activity
  • review all search engine searches
  • be alerted when harmful sites (as determined by you) are visited
  • review every program run.
  • review recordings activity from another PC or Mac
  • set up alerts to notify you when inappropriate language is used