About Us

Global Vision Security was founded by Jeffrey Arroyo with a vision for a security company considerably different from that of our competitors. This vision manifests itself right in the way we look—our uniforms and vehicles have their own appearance instead of simply trying to imitate our competitors or that of law enforcement.

We’re definitely not part of the “security company mold.” Our service is flexible and dedicated, and our training is far above the norm.

This difference begins inside the company. We don’t consider our staff simply “employees”—they are our fellow teammates. Our salaries and benefits are very competitive, because we believe in compensating someone for the training and knowledge they have taken time to absorb, and bring to and apply to the job. We know that a well-rewarded team will provide above-average service to our clients, which is what we’re all about.

As you’ll see in in our services section, the service is well above the industry norm. We go out of our way to ensure our clients feel totally safe and cared for. We invest a considerable amount of time and resources in staff and technology.

Our mission is to ensure that once you’ve come to Global Vision Security for your security, you’ll never have to go anywhere else.