Security Consulting

Take full advantage of our deep security industry experience and expertise by allowing us to consult with you regarding your security program. We can help you create security plans, evacuation plans and in-house standard operating procedures. Our security consultants are frequently called upon to assist in conducting security audits for critical infrastructure locations and high-priority facilities.

Risk Assessment

GVS conducts facility and event risk factor assessments which review all potential security threats and vulnerabilities. Past experience in extreme security environments has enabled GVS staff to correctly assess all aspects of risk factors and to formulate and implement measures which prevent security failures in high-risk environments.

Surveillance Systems

A leading CCTV security system provider, GVS provides surveillance cameras and operating systems for commercial and industrial buildings of every size. GVS integrates on-site and remote video via Internet, Ethernet or wireless. Contact us for a quote on advanced CCTV equipment and technologies from the world’s leading security manufacturers.


GVS can deploy fully trained staff to observe and report on employees who may be suspected of theft or other illegal activities. Spotters may also be directed into areas of quality assurance, employee performance, or any other type of situation which might require covert observation.